Cherry Tree Hill School Photographs

Do you remember being in a play called ‘The Adventure of the Witch and her Cat’ at Cheery Tree Hill School in the late 50’s or early 60’s?

Thanks to one of the cast, Michael Mosley (a Goblin) who sent us not only a copy of the programme but also a couple of class photographs from the same era. Michael has put names to those he can remember but feel free to fill in any of the others you may know using the comments block at the bottom of the page.

Many thanks to Michael and to Neil Johnson, one of our regular contributors who helped in getting this item to us.

Picture A

Back Row: Rich Mortimer 3rd left, Michael Mosley 4th left, Eric Hales 6th left, Bob Shardlow 3rd right, Dave Selby end right, Tim Calladine end right front row.

Picture B

Back Row: John Pye 2nd left, Bob Shardlow 3rd left, Jeff Hawksworth the tallest one, Michael Mosley 3rd right, Tim Calladine middle row next to the Headmaster, Val Brough front row 5th left, Gill Day front row 5th right, Sheila Martin middle row 6th left.

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