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In response to the question, “Where was the doctors surgery before the one on Maine Drive was set up?”. Margaret Poyser has given us this article. If anyone has any more information on this subject we would love to hear from you. AJB

Doctors Tully, Barry and Taylor had their practice on Chaddesden Park Road near the Cemetery end. They had a large bungalow with a brick built waiting room added at the side. Our doctor had a’ turn up and wait’ system to see which doctor you preferred. Dr Barry was a lovely man, very friendly and kind. The best part about a village doctor is that they know each family really well.

Doctor Barry was called out to my dad and he sat on the bed, little knowing that our dog was under the eiderdown. Mum was most embarrassed until the doctor’s cleaner said that his dogs slept on his bed too.

Dr Rudge’s surgery was on Nottingham Road where Abbey Vet’s Surgery is now. One semi-detached house with a wooden waiting room in the garden was the start. The adjoining house was taken over after a time, the chimneys were left up and the front rooms were made into one big room, being heated from the original fireplaces. The reception desk was under the two flights of stairs.

No appointments were necessary to see a doctor, much like Dr Tully’s surgery. Patients would go into the surgery waiting room, which was a wooden building, through one door. Their notes were given to the doctor in between patients and then they were called in to see the doctor in order. The queue would move around the room. One doctor had the room upstairs, Dr Rudge in the back room and the other doctor in the front room. When the patient had finished seeing the doctor they left through another door. Eventually the wooden building was demolished.

There was another practice on Mayfield Road, they eventually moved to the corner of Maine Drive, where part of the Hall Farm was. Doctors Thompson, Disney, James, Keeling, Rivers and Cox are bases here with another practice in Borrowash. Before that there was a Council run clinic for babies and pre-school children on the site. The health visitors worked from there, they would come out to mum’s homes to review the babies and assess the progress of the pre-school children.

Margaret Poyser

Health, Random Articles Jan 28, 2012

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