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Newsletter 80 - June 2024
Committee changes at the AGM, measurements of area - acres, roods, perches and hectares

Newsletter 79 - November 2023
Addresses, House Names and Numbers

Newsletter 78 - August 2023
August Wedding at St Mary's, Dentists, Facebook

Newsletter 77 - May 2023
Chaddesden Park Road, 1953 Coronation Day memories

Newsletter 76 - February 2023
Almshouses, web site, Ken Garner obituary, Nottingham Road buses

Newsletter 75 - November 2022
Scanning the Archives

Newsletter 74 - July 2022
Along the Front (Nottingham Road shops), Shops database

Newsletter 73 - April 2022
Chaddesden Park in the late 1950s

Newsletter 72 - May 2020
Cavendish Close Infants School, Felix buses, Roe Farm Estate

Newsletter 71 - February 2020
post boxes, Church Lane, Post Office, Royal Mail, water supply. springs, wells, pumps, Yourbus, Sussex Circus co-op

Newsletter 70 - November 2019
Oldest Letter Box, mystery roof feature, Roe Farm Estate, Matthew Walker Christmas puddings, Thomas Anthony, Stanley Building Blocks, Derek Palmer

Newsletter 69 - August 2019
WW1 Commemoration Bench unveiling, Roe Farm Estate, Derby Road Construction Company, House names, Morley Road School

Newsletter 68 - May 2019
Constitution, Wood Farm pillar, Meadow Lane footbridge

Newsletter 67 - February 2019
Moor House, Convent, Roe Farm Estate, Old Derby prints, Chaddesden Lane roadworks, Wagon Repair Workshop

Newsletter 66 - November 2018
Felix, Notts & Derby bus route 11, Derby Co-op Home Deliveries, Charles Aslin, St John's Avenue, answer to Silk Mill puzzle

Newsletter 65 - August 2018
Mayfield Road, Silk Mill puzzle

Newsletter 64 - June 2018
Nottingham Road checkpoint, Hampshire Road, Everard Walter Johnson, Nicholas de Chaddesden, Archdeacon's Bed, Roe Farm Estate

Newsletter 63 - March 2018
Wyvern, Wagon Repair Workshop, William Green, Roe Farm Estate, Frank Porter, Churchyard Wall

Newsletter 62 - December 2017
Derwent Railway Bridge, Poyser Avenue, Thomas Poyser, Chaddesden Grammar School, Village Stocks, Max Road, Jubilee Club, Harry Farrell, Harry Leuty

Newsletter 61 - October 2017
Max Road, the Chaddesden end of the Stanley Colliery Tramway, the Boundary between Consecrated and Unconsecrated Ground in Nottingham Road Cemetery

Newsletter 60 - July 2017
Jubilee Club Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Show, Buckingham Palace Garden Party, Round the Village Green

Newsletter 59 - May 2017
Wagon Repair Workshop fire, 5 Valley Road, Winding the Church Clock, Railway Avoiding Chaddesden (Derby Curve)

Newsletter 58 - February 2017
Capability Brown, Wilmot family, Gordon Mills Bowley, Chaddesden Park Artworks, William (Bill) Lamb

Newsletter 57 - December 2016
1928 Borough boundary extension, John Crosby, Ripley Rattlers, Vince Mills' Christmas, Charles and Winifred Abrahart

Newsletter 56 - October 2016
Chaddesden Meadow, Chaddesden Sidings, Wyvern Retail Park, Organising is a Pleasure by Linda Crosby

Newsletter 55 - June 2016 - 10th Anniversary Edition
Library, Lace Works Institute, Co-op Dairy, 1905 Map, Peregrine public house, Charles Mellors builder, Chaddesden Park Primary School, Domesday Book, Census, House Deeds, Parish Pump, Anzac Day, Highfields, Chaddesden Residents in Australia, William George Toogood, Cowlishaw, Wragg-Hearn marriage, United Reformed Church, Stanley Road

Newsletter 54 - April 2016
Hunt, Chaddesden Hall, Hartopp Holt, Chaddesden Lane, Christchurch, New Zealand, Thomas Cowlishaw, Wood Farm, Stoney Flatts Farm, Willetts, Friesian cattle, Maisonettes, Wood Road fire hydrant, Georgina Eskdale

Newsletter 53 - February 2016
Derby Local Studies Library, Thatching Field Lane cottages, Creamery, Cemetery, Brooklyn Avenue, Brookfield Avenue, Ismay Road, Gloria cinema, John Burrows

Newsletter 52 - December 2015
Wilmot Chairs, Cherry Tree Hill Post Office, Church Lane Post Box, Post Office, Charles Carlin, Moor Grange, Kelham Hall, Southwell Minster, St Alban's Church, Boys' Brigade, Girls' Brigade, Captain H. Fairlie, Gilbert's Charity, Rights of Way

Newsletter 51 - October 2015
Auxiliary Fire Service Cavendish Close Junior School, Education, United Reformed Church, Eyam , David Shaw Co-op, 177 Chaddesden Lane

Newsletter 50 - August 2015
Co-op Chaddesden Lane / Wood Road, Highfield House, Mr Lummas, milkman. Stoney Flatts Crescent, Mr Dowling, Morley Road School, Cemetery, T D Arnold, photographer, Twitchell, Kraft House, Ernie Jackson, Meadow Lane Chip Shop, St John's Ambulance Hut

Newsletter 49 - June 2015
Trolley Bus Terminus, Creamery, Mrs Hough, Buxton Road, air-raid shelters, National Fire Service, Population, Tent dwellers, Wood Road tenancy conditions, Twitchell, Cemetery, Meadow Lane, Chip Shop

Newsletter 48 - April 2015
Cherry Tree Hill School, Oakridge Allotments, Tony Bannister - graphics designer, Isolation Hospital

Newsletter 47 - February 2015
United Reformed Church, Oakridge Allotments, Ghost, School Photograph

Newsletter 46 - December 2014
Cavendish Close football team, Alf Looms scrapyard, Round Robin, Mayfield Road Children's Christmas Party 1928

Newsletter 45 - October 2014
Chaddesden Sidings, Janet Taylor, Bangor Street, ARP office, air-raid shelters, William Hodgkin, wheelwright, The Lockage, Thankful Villages, Peter Tolson

Newsletter 44 - August 2014
Oxo House, John Graham, Max Road, Drama Groups, Wellington Bomber Crew Memorial, Stanley

Newsletter 43 - June 2014
Spinning Wheel, Wood Road, Bradcar Mill, Tree Tops Club

Newsletter 42 - April 2014
Archaeological Dig at Brook Farm, Bradcar Mill, Piggy Back School, Derby Local Studies Library

Newsletter 41 - February 2014
St Mary's Church Choir, Bradcar Mill, Chaddesden Lane, St Valentine's Day

Newsletter 40 - December 2013
Home Guard, HMS Ark Royal, Coal rationing, St Mary's Sunday School, Wilmot Christmas gifts, Co-op Farm and Dairy, Women's Institute's 40th Anniversary, 1883 annual ball, Vandalism

Newsletter 39 - October 2013
Nottingham Road, Cavendish Close School, Conscription, Population, 1911 Census, Cemetery Hill Post Office, Piggy Back School, Chaddesden Lane

Newsletter 38 - August 2013
Wilmot graves, Derbyshire Record Office, Cavendish Close School, Park, Colin Gardner, Library Demolition

Newsletter 37 - June 2013
school datestone, St Mary's churchyard wall, Sunnyside Cafe, Morley Road, Park 1939, Cemetery, landslip, Boundary House

Newsletter 36 - April 2013
Chesterfield Arms, Nottingham Road, War Memorial, Cemetery, landslip, Library

Newsletter 35 - February 2013
Rettemoy Farm, St Mary's Church

Newsletter 34 - December 2012
Scouts, United Reformed Church, ARP Post, Spondon House School

Newsletter 33 - October 2012
Tiny Hall farm, Jubilee Club, Majestic Cinema, Cherry Tree Hill, Capt George A Pare, Asst Scoutmaster, Chaddesden Ladies Tuesday Club, Tony Weaver

Newsletter 32 - August 2012
Highfield Cottages, Taylor's Bell Foundry, 1953 Coronation, Barbara Marson

Newsletter 31 - June 2012
Chaddesden Park, Paddling Pool, Gertrude Road, pre-fab houses, Wilmot plate, Church Lane, Coffin Road

Newsletter 30 - April 2012
Home Guard, Spondon House Central School, Felix Buses, Chaddesden Wood

Newsletter 29 - February 2012
St Mark's Church, 27th Scouts, Doctors

Newsletter 28 - December 2011
Derwent School, Derwent Street, Nottingham Road, Trolley Buses, Cemetery car park, Ordish Avenue, Rettemoy Farm

Newsletter 27 - October 2011
Morley Road, Derby Local Studies Library, Colin Campbell, Cemetery, Jean Moss, Remembrance Day, Chaddesden Park

Newsletter 26 - August 2011
VE Party, Wilsthorpe Road, William Henry Downing, Paddy Mcmahon, showjumper, Battle of River Trent, Rita Johnson

Newsletter 25 - June 2011
Victoria Cross, Catherine Rees, Roundhouse visit, Frederick Downing, Brian Hayes, Keith Symes
(The front page photograph that was believed to be of the Stanley Colliery Tramway has since been identified as a Wickham Type 17 trolley and Type 17 trailer on the Friargate line at West Hallam.)

Newsletter 24 - April 2011
Waste Gate Lane, Olive Eden, Oswald Moseley, Carlin family, website launch, Robert Taft, farmer, Maureen Hunt, Pam Bowler

Newsletter 23 - February 2011
Chaddesden Hall, C H Cooper, builder, Max Nepolski, Max Road, Margaret Poyser

Newsletter 22 - December 2010
Chaddesden Lane, Hall, Ronald Binge, Latham's Garage, School, Domesday Book, Catton Hall, Wilmot Almshouses Charity, Engine Driver Memorial, Cemetery, Lucy Gannon, Archives, Groundwork Project

Newsletter 21 - October 2010
Heritage Lottery Fund Grant, Chaddesden Sidings, Melbourne Hall, Henry Scattergood's will, Wayzgoose, Gladys Olive Gilbert

Newsletter 20 - August 2010
Scout Parade, Magistrates Court, Don Shaw, Cherry Tree Hill School, Chaddesden Park bomb, Penicillin Chewing Gum

Newsletter 19 - June 2010
James Ashworth, Highfield House, Miners Lamp, Kraft House, 57 Lime Grove, John Berrysford Close

Newsletter 18 - April 2010
Cherry Tree Hill School

Newsletter 17 - February 2010
British Postal Museum, Charles Carlin, Andrew Bailey, Cemetery, Steve Bloomer's grave

Newsletter 16 - December 2009
Molson, railway guard, Wilmot family, Majestic Cinema

Newsletter 15 - August 2009
Jubilee Club, Wilmot Arms, Henry Wilmot VC

Newsletter 14 - Summer 2009
Locko Park, Chaddesden Mill, Steve Bloomer

Newsletter 13 - Spring 2009
Creamery, Wilsthorpe Road street party

Newsletter 12 - January 2009
Demolition of Nottingham Road children's nursery, Chadesden Barley Water, Deryck Morley

Newsletter 11 - Autumn 2008
Willersley Castle, Chaddesden Park Carnival 1946, Dr Rudge, Valley Road police houses

Newsletter 10 - Late Summer 2008
Sandra Rainsford, Enoch Stone

Newsletter 9 - Summer 2008
Highfield Cottages, Mission Room, Marie Garner, Derby Cathedral, Bridge Chapel

Newsletter 8 - Spring 2008
shops and businesses, Ken Garner, Spondon School foundation stone, Heage Windmill

Newsletter 7 - Easter 2008
St Philip's Church, Jean Moss, Cherry Tree Hill School, air-raid shelters, Chesapeake Methodist Church, Raynesway searchlight battery, Creamery trolley buses, Sid Marson, Morley Road School, Cavendish Close School

Newsletter 6 - Christmas 2007
Council House, Local taxi firms, Linda Crosby

Newsletter 5 - Autumn 2007
Pride Park Football Stadium, Cinemas, Derby Canal, John Crosby

Newsletter 4 - Spring 2007
Nottingham Road Fire Station, Local taxi firms

Newsletter 3 - Winter 2006
Nottingham Road Fire Station, Chaddesden Hall

Newsletter 2 - Autumn 2006
Chaddesden Library, Wartime rations

Newsletter 1 - Summer 2006
Creation of Historical Group, VE Celebrations, Willetts Road, Highfield Cottages