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Jubilee Club Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Show


This photograph is reproduced by courtesy of the Chaddesden Jubilee club. It was published in our Newsletter issue 60 in July 2017 and then in Chaddesden Magazine for September/October 2017.


It appears to have been taken on the land behind the Jubilee Club, the houses in the background being on Wilsthorpe Road. The gentlemen behind the table may be Jubilee Club committee members judging the competition with the gent in the grey suit about to receive the second prize in the “Dahlia in a Beer Bottle” category. (The first or third prize winner is already on the table.)


From reports in the Derby Evening Telegraph we have found that the Show was first held on Saturday 5 September 1936 and then on 21 August 1937. The newspaper report from 1936 names H. Farrell, president of the club; H F Leuty, secretary of the club; J W Harvey, secretary of the show; J Cholerton (not pictured) hon secretary of the show; B Robinson, H Martin and J Coppard, judges. The Chaddesden Jubilee Perpetual Challenge Cup for the most points in the show went to Mr J Moore who was 2nd prize winner in the dahlia class. In 1937 H Farrell was named as president, J W Harvey as hon secretary, Messrs T Coppard and T Coxon as judges. Once again Mr Moore won the Chaddesden Jubilee Perpetual Challenge Cup and he came first in the dahlia class.


After publication in Chaddesden Magazine we were contacted by Janet Wright who identified the gentleman at the back 4th from left as her grandfather, Harry Leuty. Tracey Wade identified the man wearing a bow tie as her great-great-grandfather, Harry Farrell, President and founder member of the Jubilee Club and also a church choir member.


The photo was assumed to have been taken at the first show on 5 September 1936, in which case the man in the grey suit would be prize winner Mr J Moore as named above.


In November 2019 we were contacted by Jim Nadin who identified the prizewinner as his maternal grandfather, John William "Bill" Beck of 55 Hanbury Road and son of John Beck who had been the head gardener at Markeaton Hall. John Beck, retired gardener, moved from Penny Long Lane to Chaddesden Park Road during World War 2.


Bill Beck joined the Jubilee Club after the family moved to Hanbury Road from Sherwin Street. He was a very keen gardener and, although he grew many vegetables, chrysanthemums, dahlias and sweet peas were his favourite flowers. That excluded the 1936 and 1937 shows when J Moore was the prizewinner and Mr Beck was not even mentioned. A search of the Derby Evening Telegraph between August 1938 and September 1939 found numerous occurrences of surname Beck but John William was not among them, there was no report of the 1938 Jubilee Club show and in August 1939 the eight page Derby Evening Telegraph had more serious news to report – the German invasion of Poland.


Although the annual shows continued into the 1960s, this is certainly a pre-war photograph as Harry Leuty died in 1942. We still need identification of the three gentlemen on the left, one of whom may be J W Harvey.

St Mary's Youth Club


Decorating the Golden Age Club, Chaddesden Park before health and safety was thought of. 

Neil Richardson standing on the edge of a folding chair.  Margaret Jackson cleaning the windows.

Unknown Ladies' Group

The Chaddesden Historical Group collection includes many undated photographs, some with minimal captions, but it is usually possible to work out what is depicted. There are few that are as uninformative as this photograph of ladies at Chaddesden Lane End which has no caption at all..


[CHG ref C+O07]

It appears to be the start of an outing as there is a coach behind the group and the driver can be seen wearing his PSV driver's licence badge. The year is 1962 at the latest as the overhead line for the Spondon trolleybus route can be seen in the background. Fascinating pre-war road sign from the days before Chaddesden had traffic lights!


Click on the picture to open an enlargement in a separate tab or window.  You may recognise your grandmother in the group, but do you know what clubs she was a member of?  The only hope we have is that every group member was given a copy and someone may have the same photo with identification written on the back.

The coach is from the Felix fleet.   Felix had three with that style of bodywork by Yeates.  Below is a photo of one of them in Derby Morledge Bus Station awaiting departure to Ilkeston.

[photo credit: The Bus Archive – Roy Marshall]


Footrills, Derby Road, Stanley


Some of the buildings of the former Stanley Footrill Colliery survive over a hundred years after the colliery closed.


The office is now a private house. Viewed here from Derby Road.


Date stone set in the chimney - DKCC AD 1890

DKCC was the Derby Kilburn Colliery Company.


The Workshop