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Conifers grow best in sandy soil and are rarely seen in Chaddesden's heavy clay.
Here is a group of pine trees in Mosey Yard Plantation close to Chaddesden Brook.

Mosey Yard Plantation was planted toward the end of the 19th century so it is likely

that some of the trees are 130-140 years old.

The remains of an old hedge next to the footpath between the two bridges in Chaddesden Park.

St Alban's church, Roe Farm Lane.  An article on this church is under preparation.

Chaddesden Carnival  6 June 2010
Muriel Evans - 1939 Carnival Queen – facing the camera.

Part of Wood Road Estate.  The pre-war estate is nearer the camera with (left) Marjorie Road and (right) Haydn Road.  Wollaton Road runs diagonally across the middle of the picture to the circular junction with Taddington Road that looks as though it was intended to be the centrepiece of the estate.  Post-war Taddington Road runs across the top of the photo.  The two large buildings in the centre near the top are St Philip's church and vicarage completed in 1955.

In 1938 Stretton's Brewery proposed to build a public house and residential hotel, to be named The Spinners, on Max Road.  Work had not begun at the start of the war and the planning permission lapsed during the war.  It would be another twenty years before the short lived Rhino pub was built. The name was taken from a rhinoceros head displayed there. The Rhino was demolished in 2011/12 and eleven houses on a road with the uninspiring name of Holmegate Close now stand on its site.

The Beau Brummel, Chaddesden Lane End, originally the Park Hotel and now the Toby Carvery.

The wall of the Essoldo cinema can be seen in the background on the right.


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