Cherry Tree Hill School Photographs

Thanks to the contributors to this page who are acknowledged by initials after each caption as follows:

[EK] Elizabeth Kay, pupil 1951-57

[JC] Judith Cohen. pupil 1955-61

[JB] John Bennett, pupil 1959-63

[MM] Michael Mosley, pupil 

Part of the initial intake in 1940.

Keith Brereton is on the front row behind the board.  [JC]

Cherry Tree Infants opened as a separate school in 1952.  This is Mrs Leeson's class in 1952 or 1953


Back row from left: C Frances, M Spooner, ---, C Hewer, ---, Raymond Spencer, Paul Orme, Aherne?, ---


Second row: Christine Speller, H Norman, M Derbyshire, J Oakly, S McClymond, K Simozly, J Wilson, ---, ---, P Baker, ---


Third row: J Ellis, R Burkin, L Hayes, E Kay, S Clark, ---, M Kay, J Somerville, L Holloway, Geraldine Weakley, Patricia ...


Front row: M Flour, ---, R Bilson, M Riley, I Pearce, K Kitchen, D Campbell, P Cripwell.  [one name missing]


                Mr Southern's class, c 1960, headmaster F.P. Heath on the left.

Top row from left: J Igo, G Griffiths, ---, G Cummings, C Warrington, M Barron, J Merram, G Mather, C Pollard, J Ahern.

Second row: V Rumbold, R Spencer, A Pounton, P Wilks, S Mitchell, C Crossley, J Noden, ---, Angela Marsh, D Tomlinson, P Carey

Third row: K Kitchen, P Hardwick, ---, ---, P Wilson     remainder unidentified  [EK]

                Miss Davies' class 1960.

John Bennett is third from the right on the middle row, wearing a school blazer, red with green edging.


                Mrs Balshaw's class 1962

John Bennett is on the back row.


                Mr Smith's class 1963

John Bennett is on the back row.


Back row: Rich Mortimer 3rd left, Michael Mosley 4th left, Eric Hales 6th left, Bob Shardlow 3rd right, Dave Selby end right, Tim Calladine end right front row.


Back row: John Pye 2nd left, Bob Shardlow 3rd left, Jeff Hawksworth the tallest one, Michael Mosley 3rd right.

Middle row: Tim Calladine next to the Headmaster, Sheila Martin 6th left.

Front row: Val Brough 5th left, Gill Day 5th right.


The programme for a play "The Adventures of the Witch and her Cat" that was performed at the school around 1960.

There is a clue as to the year in "All proceeds will be sent to the Kenya Distress Fund,"



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