The Engine Drivers Memorial

The Engine Drivers Memorial My engine is now cold and still, No water does my boiler fill, . My coal affords its flame no more, my days of usefulness are o’er; My wheels deny their noted speed, no more my guiding hand they need. My whistle too has lost its tone, its shrill and thrilling sounds are gone. My valves are all thrown open wide, my flanges now refuse to guide. My clacks also once so strong, refuse to aid the busy throng. No more I feel each urging breath, my steam is now condensed in death. Life’s railway over each station passed, in death I’m stopped and rest at last. Farewell dear friends and cease to weep, In Christ I’m safe, in Him I sleep. T

Mrs Olive Eden, OBE.

. In the September quarter of 1930 Miss Olive Lax married Mr James Eden and within a few short years they moved south to Chaddesden after a long period of unemployment for Jimmy in their home town of Sunderland. He found work at Celanese before moving to Rolls-Royce for the rest of his working life. They settled at No 44 Rupert Road and Olive Eden, as she now was, went into local politics. Olive was elected to Chaddesden Parish Council in 1946, and shortly afterwards was elected to Derbyshire County Council, becoming a County Alderman in 1957. Her long chairmanship of the parish council ran simultaneously with her work on the County Education Committee and on the South Derbyshire Divisio

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